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What is Sinus Cancer ?

Sinus Cancer is nothing but an aggravated condition of sinusitis and it has a similar set of symptoms that causes any tumors or abnormal growth between the sinuses. The imaging process and biopsy will help the patient understand the complexity of cancer. The sinus cancer surgery in Hyderabad can be treated through a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery at the early stages, while the advanced stages where there is a tumor or growth will require radical open surgery which is rare, and only sinus cancer specialists in Hyderabad can perform this operation with utmost precision.


-Persistent Headache

-Blood stained nasal discharge

-Nasal block

-Reduced mouth opening

-Double vision or blurred vision

-Neck lymph nodal swelling


- Mass in nasal cavity or upper jaw

-Loosening of upper tooth

-Swelling in palate or upper jaw

-Proptosis of eye


-CT scan or MRI suggests mass in nasal cavity or sinus

-Endoscopic biopsy is done for diagnosis


-SURGERY is main treatment.

-Advanced stages need surgery + Radiotheraphy.


- Rare tumors in nasal cavity like lymphoma, Early or locally advanced Aesthesioneuroblastoma, SNUC, SNEC require chemo radiation followed by salvage surgery in persistent or recurrent tumors.


-Needed in advanced stage cancer to restore function and cosmesis.FREE flaps or regional flaps are used.


-This is feasible in limited number of early stage cancers and few skull base tumors.

-This procedure has least morbidity and has quick recovery.

-Where ever possible we would like to do endoscopic cancer surgery which is minimally invasive.

Young patient diagnosed with left maxillary sinus cancer (sarcoma)

Left partial maxillectomy done to clear tumor

Reconstruction done with fibula osteo-cutaneous free flap. So external shape is retained and floor of sinus reconstructed so that speech and swallowing are restored.

OPG shows osteotomies of fibula(reshaped leg bone)

Post op profile picture.External appearance and speech and swallowing are preserved due to reconstruction.

Inside mouth skin paddle seen from fibula free flap.

-This patient is an example for partial maxillectomy and palate reconstruction with radial fore arm free flap.

-This avoids use of obturator.This patient underwent

RFFF For Palate

-Post operative case of cancer of buccal mucosa reconstructed with radial fore arm free flap.

-Patient has excellent mouth opening due to flap. This enhances quality of life of patient.

This patient underwent total maxillectomy for maxillary sinus cancer and reconstruction was done with ALT free flap

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Yes. Sinus cancers are deadly when they reach high severity. They can be life-threatening in the critical stages due to the aggression of the symptoms
No. An X-ray would only show the masses formed in the head area which would indicate that there might be a chance of having a tumor or cancer but, to get confirmation about sinus cancer, proper diagnosis by a head and neck oncologist is necessary
Yes. MRI also gives an insight into whether cancer has spread to the eye or brain.
Prolonged symptoms of sinusitis such as Persistent nasal congestion, especially on one side. Pain in the forehead, cheek, nose, or around the eyes or ear may indicate the presence of a tumor or cancer but the right diagnosis is necessary for confirmation
Sinus cancer is quite common among men due to the risk factor of smoking and tobacco.



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