What is Robotic Thyroid Surgery ?

A minimally invasive thyroid surgery done by a surgeon with assistance from a robot during the entire process. Robotic thyroidectomy is a process created by the Korean health experts in order to treat those patients who want to avoid a scar in their neck. The surgery will be done by the surgeon controlling a robot.

Who can have Robotic Thyroid Surgery ?

  • Thyroid glands with nodule in one of the lobes
  • Nodule size less than 2cm
  • Smaller thyroid glands lessthan 4cm
  • Patients who are not obese and
  • In patients with no evidence of distant spread.
robotic thyroid surgery in hyderabad
Robotic thyroid surgery in KPHB

Quick Benefits of Robotic Thyroidectomy

1. No scar in the neck as incision is not made in the neck

2. Reduces the possibility of post surgery/operation complications

3. A 3D camera present along with the console will offer a better view and suitable for surgery.


Yes. With robotic thyroid surgery, local anesthesia is given and treatment is done with high precision with zero to low discomfort to the patient
Due to high precision and minimal invasion in robotic thyroid surgery, there are very minimal side effects compared to regular surgeries. These side effects can be easily managed with advice from the medical experts
Maintaining a healthy weight, light exercise, neck activity as suggested by the doctor are some of the basic things you can follow for fast recovery after thyroid surgery.
There are patients who are happily leading their lives even after 40 years of thyroid surgery. When done properly by an expert, you don’t need to worry much about life after surgery
Yes, robotic thyroid surgery is highly safe. It has far better precision compared to regular surgery and no scar on the neck as the incision is not made in the neck. It also reduces the possibility of post-surgery/operation complications



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