Voice box cancer treatment

What is Phonosurgery

In Phonosurgery, procedures are performed to improve or maintain the quality of sound produced in the larynx through the correction of laryngeal defects that are usually caused due to head and neck cancers. By removing the lesions through the mouth, one can also improve their voice quality by removing nodules, polyps, or cysts on their vocal folds.

General anaesthesia is used for the procedure, which involves placing a metal tube through the mouth to remove the tongue. To determine the type of lesion present, we examine the vocal cords under a microscope under high magnification.


It is suggested that the patient should be older than 9yrs of age to have Phonosurgery done but, there are a lot of factors that decide the eligibility of the person for Phonosurgery that can be discussed with us over a consultation
Phonosurgery can bring a huge difference to the vocal cords that would affect your voice. You can consult us to discuss changing your voice with phonosurgery to know about the results specific to your case
  • 1. Hoarseness
  • 2. Breathiness
  • 3. A "rough" voice
  • 4. A "scratchy" voice
  • 5. A harsh-sounding voice
  • 6. Shooting pain from ear to ear
  • 7. Feeling a lump in a throat
  • 8. Neck pain
  • 9. Less ability to change your pitch
  • 10. Voice and body tiredness



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