Microvascular Free Flap Reconstruction

What is Microvascular Free Flap Reconstruction

When the stage of head and neck cancer is advanced, treatment is done by causing heavy deformation to the surrounding area of the body where cancer has been observed and cured. These large complex defects would result from adequate resection make them difficult to reconstruct using locoregional flaps. In these patients, free flap reconstruction can improve their functional and cosmetic outcomes

It is a very specialized procedure that requires humongous experience, high standard infrastructure and a well-skilled team to get the desired result. We are equipped with all the necessary criteria to ensure

the treatment is done with high efficiency resulting in a successful procedure for all types of head and neck cancers


Yes. With the right infrastructure and a highly proficient team like us, you need not worry about any further complications of the treatment. We inform you in advance about the entire procedure to make you comfortable and safe during the treatment
No. It is not. It totally depends on how severe the impact is. You can consult us before you make a decision about considering microvascular free flap reconstruction to know everything about the procedure
The results of Microvascular Free Flap Reconstruction totally depends on how good the infrastructure is and how proficient the team is. We ensure that a highly qualified team of experts address your case using the most advanced infrastructure to give you the desired results



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