head and neck cancer treatment

What is Laser Surgery?

Laser Surgery is a minimally invasive treatment procedure often employed to treat cancer cells and tumours by passing a very thin ray of light. This Surgery will target only the affected location in the body and destroy the cells without causing any complications to other parts which is likely to happen through other surgical procedures.

Stages of Laser Treatment

Stages of Laser Treatment Vary for different types of Head and Neck Cancer, but for most of them, endoscopes are used, which are thin fibres, used singly or in bundles to transmit light to the Surgery site and are inserted in through the nose or mouth.

Why choose Laser Treatment?

  • 1. Quick, safe and reliable treatment procedure with high precision
  • 2. Minimally invasive treatment ensures no effect on neighbouring organs
  • 3. No long bed rest or strict post-surgical precautions to be followed
  • 4. Painless treatment that doesn’t cause any discomfort to the patient


No, upon consulting our doctor, we will let you know if laser Surgery can be suggested for you depending on the location and severity of the problem
Absolutely not, doctor will advise you to stay at the clinic for a certain time which is far lesser compared to surgical procedures to ensure there are no further complications
Laser procedures are very quick and highly precise when compared with surgical procedures and other contemporary treatments



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