Dr. Rahul Buggaveeti

Head and Neck Cancer Specialist,MS (ENT) MCh Head and Neck

About Dr. Rahul Buggaveeti

Dr. Rahul Buggaveeti, MS (ENT), MCh Head and Neck is trained in skull base surgery at Singapore General hospital, Singapore and Robotic surgery (TORS and Neck) at Severance hospital, Yonsei university, Republic of Korea. He is presently working as consultant head and neck surgeon at Apollo Cancer Hospital , Hyderabad.

  • Head and Neck surgical oncologist
  • Robotic Head and Neck surgeon (Yonsei,South Korea)
  • Rhinologist (Singapore General hospital)
  • LASER voice surgeon
  • Micro-vascular reconstructive surgeon.

Procedures Endoscopic sinus surgery, Phono-Surgery, Head and neck cancer surgery(oral cancer, throat cancer), Tumor surgery of sinus, Thyroid surgery, minimally invasive, Parotid surgery, Neck surgery(lumps,cysts,nodes). read more...

Head and Neck Services

Thyroid Lumps Cancer

Thyroid Lumps and Cancer

Half (hemi) and complete thyroid removal is done for a wide variety of conditions such as nodules & cysts in thyroid to cancer in thyroid

Thyroid Lumps Cancer

Salivary Gland Tumors

Surgery for parotid gland to remove lumps and tumors is called parotidectomy , either superficial parotidectomy (partial removal -only superficial gland) or total parotidectomy.

Neck Swellings

Most common neck swellings in Indian population is enlarged lymph nodes.These are secondary to infection which gradually subside with medication.

Thyroid Lumps Cancer

Oral Cancers

Most common presentation of oral cancer is non-healing ulcer or rapidly growing lump or loosening of tooth associated with pain.

Thyroid Lumps Cancer

Throat Cancers

Throat cancer( voice box, food pipe)- Change in voice or difficulty in swallowing is most common presentation. Some patients have blood in sputum.

Sinus Cancer

Sinus cancer-Sinus cancers present with symptoms similar to sinusitis most of the times. Headaches, nasal block,bleeding from nose, loosening of upper tooth , double vision etc...










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